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Manny Santos
Played By:miss__manny
Manny Santos, once branded the school slut, has changed drastically since her brief fling with Craig Manning some almost two years ago now. Recently Manny has not been seen too much, having been seen spending most of her time with her friends or sitting at home in her empty house watching Animal Planet, recently Manny formed a quick lasting friendship with Nate Sullivan, and when she discovered the story of his family situation she insisted he stay with her to get away from his family. One night after a small bonding session, the two kissed. They have since broken up, and Manny is currently dating Sean cameron, who lived with her temporarily before going to rehab and coming back.

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Marco Del Rossi
played by:lilgaysecret
Marco finally got the courage to come out of the closet to both his parents, even though it took a lot out of him he was proud of himself when he did. Since he came out to his parents, his father refuses to speak to him while his mother is constantly defending her young gay son to his entire family. Due to the family situation at one point Marco was forced to move from his house and moved in with Spinner Mason. As far as relationships go, Marco is best friends with Manny Santos and Paige Michalchuck, at one point he found himself making out with old friend Craig Manning. At the current time he is dating a boy named Trevor.

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Paige Michalchuck
Played By:xox_paige
There is no one in all of Degrassi Community School who is more known then the all mighty, all powerful Princess Paige. Being one of the most popular girls in school must have its strain on a young girl, which it did to Paige as she found herself developing a serious eating disorder. Of course that was only the tip of the ice berg as Paige was also forced to deal with the sudden divorce of her once loving parents. During this time she moved out of her house and ended up living with ex-boyfriend Spinner Mason. She is best friends at this time with Hazel Aden, Ashley Kerwin, Terrir McGreggor...and often times it seems even more so with Craig Manning, whom she dated, broke up with when he cheated on her, and got back together with.

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Rick Murray
Played By:Currently available!
Rick Murray has a very sorted history, one of which includes his abusive relationship with Terri McGreggor. He has severe anger problems which has become more and more clear as time comes and goes. Spinner Mason messed up Rick's car, causing him to rediscover his anger which is why he now attends anager managment with Spinner. Not too long ago Rick managed to convince Terri to take him back, yet sadly the relationship did not last very long. He is currently trying to win over the affection of emma nelson.

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Sean Cameron
Played By:_gangstarsean
It appears a large percentage of young people in all of Toronto find themselves dipping their feelings into susbstances such as drugs or alcohol, and it appears Sean Cameron is on that list. At one point he had a severe alcohol abuse problem which came about after he found out Ellie Nash had made out with Craig Manning and broke up with Sean. The alcohol caused for Sean to become somewhat violent towards Ellie and ex-girlfriend Emma Nelson, after that Sean returned back to Wasaga for some time. He recently came back and set things straight, reuniting with Ellie. He later broke up with her and currently is dating manny. He recently went to rehab for a drug problem and came back, getting his act together and getting a job and a place to live. He is still dating manny.

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Spinner Mason
Played By:lkea_recordbaby
Yes, another angery boy in Degrassi should come as no shock there as it seems even jokester Spinner Mason has problems. His anger caused for him to pick fights with just about anyone in all the land who was willing to fight him back. The top of that list includes Sully, and Rick who's cars Spinner managed to trash. Recently he got into a fight with new boy Casey which has led him to be sent off to anger management to control his anger. His living situation this year has not been all too wonderful as he had to live with Matt Oleander for some time while his parents kicked him out. Past relationships include Lilliana Romero, a almost relationship with Manny Santos, and even living with Paige Michalchuck. He is currently single and friends with Alex and Ellie. He has briefly dated Terri though it was entirely to make paige jealous, who he still had feelings for. He also may have a future relationship with ellie and/or manny.

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